Product design – Bottle stopper

Written by Ar. Parul Agarwal
In collaboration with Miya Liang, Yu Hsuan Lin, Matteo Van Riel; Domus Academy , Milano

Wine has long played an important role in Greek religion. Red wine was associated with blood by the ancient Greeks and was used by both the Greek cult of Dionysus and the Romans in their Bacchanalia. The significance of wine in the Greek religion is unique as it is the only one to have two Gods of Wine. Wine has traditionally been the beverage used for gatherings, from small family occasions to large celebrations with the traditional – Toasts. Europe has the largest consumption of wine followed by America and Asia, making the necessity of a wine bottle decoration vital.

Wine is to be consumed within 48hours, where the cork that helps the process of fermentation of the wine is of no use after the bottle is opened. It is to be replaced by a bottle stopper so that the wine can be preserved for the rest of its shelf life. The bottle stopper acts as an accessory that enhances the beauty of the bottle, making it a good conversation starter or home décor element in social gatherings.

POP (bottle stopper) is one of those quick buys that will take minimum space in the store and will attract many customers. It is produced with a combination of High Silicon Bronze (COLDUR-A), silicon and titanium coated stainless steel for the structure. Bronze is highly important to the Cycladic culture and is used for most of the vases at that period. The use

ODF Silicon makes it easy to maintain, reuse and produce, while the titanium rod holds the silicon and Bronze structure in place. The form is derived from the “Head” of the Cycladic art, making it an exquisite sculptural piece by itself.

  • figurative

  • axis

  • symmetry

  • mixed-media

  • ageless

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