A Research Proposal with current Site Constraints

Written by Firdouz Basha, Meenakshi Arulselvam & Ravi Raghul  
Under the Guidance of Ar. Parul Agarwal, edited and composed.

A ‘green’ building is a building that, in its design, construction or operation, reduces or eliminates negative impacts, and can create positive impacts, on our climate and natural environment. Green buildings preserve precious natural resources and improve our quality of life.


  • Efficient use of energy, water, and other resources.
  • Use of renewable energy, such as solar energy.
  • Pollution and waste reduction measures, and the enabling of re-use and recycling.
  • Good indoor environmental air quality.
  • Use of materials that are non-toxic, ethical, and sustainable.
  • Consideration of the environment in design, construction, and operation.
  • Consideration of the quality of life of occupants in design, construction, and operation.
  • A design that enables adaptation to a changing environment.

Locally available materials are most suitable to make building sustainable. Some of the materials that can be used in our country are-

  • MUD


Site Analysis and Zoning

  • Site area: 13500 sqft

  • Set back Considered
    Front: 20ft
    Rear: 6.6ft

  • Plot Coverage : 4050sqft

  • Building area: 23625 sqft

  • FSI (permissible) 1.75

Water Use – Preservation and efficient use of the existing water cycle. Retaining stormwater and making it potable through filtration on location, recycling used water, and preserving the surrounding natural hydrological eco-system.

Environment & Energy – Reducing carbon footprint on surrounding through eco-friendly and sustainable construction material, apart from frequently using renewable energy and resources.

Indoor Comfort – The building provides optimal comfort indoors, through efficient maintenance of air quality, temperature, and ventilation, with access to sufficient daylight for conserving electrical energy. The interior courtyard between the two blocks acts as a good light and air well while their light pipes in the interior help to allow light and air into the building.

Materials Used – The building needs to have minimal, or no, non-renewable construction material, have efficient, eco-friendly design and engineering, with maximum use of recyclable, eco-friendly construction materials. Therefore incorporating some of the materials that are shown above.

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