That Waffle Place

Project Description

That Waffle place is a franchise dessert outlet that started out in the year 2018, by young entrepreneurs who managed to expand the brand in a manner that now has no bounds. When the client first came into our office, they had a basic outline of the existing outlet design and the raw site. The idea was to conceptualize this specific outlet in a manner that stands out from the others in terms of fun activities and seating, while also allowing a standardization in terms of materials and details for the future outlets while keeping the budget in check. The concept was simple – to follow what exists but to developed it and make it simply “FUN” for any customer walking into the outlet. The client was very clear from the beginning – ” Do what you would like a dessert outlet, and incorporate those ideas in this outlet”.

Location:  Alwarpet, Chennai
Client:  Mr. Sankesh Mehta & Mr. Waasim Syed
Site area: 400 SQFT
Design Team:  Ekta Agarwal, Parul Agarwal , Syed and Raghul
Year of Completion:  August 2020

Starting from the entrance, we wanted the outlet to have a new feature -an outdoor seating space (in this case the site had the probability to do so) which is a current trend in the city. This trend is now seen is almost every street in forms of food trucks or container outlets. The outdoor green space is a good zone for a bunch of people to meet and relax whilst enjoying their waffles. Also serves as a good space where the delivery agents can comfortably wait while the service and food are getting ready inside for them to deliver.
The interiors were kept simple and similar in terms of the elements used in their first outlet, but was then redefined so that the same can be now incorporated in multiple such outlets. The whole site was planned in a manner that everything was planned, purchased initially and then retrofitted on site, making it very simple and quick to assemble such kind of a space in a months’ time.

We added new features to the outlets like an experience wall, to write down the customers waffle experience. Created a bar table to give it an informal seating set up, with bench and stools, making it very quick for a constant traffic of people in terms of in and out of the restaurants.
The major highlight or experiment was the customized lights made for the waffle counter, which now we have tried to conceptualize as a waffle bar station. These pendant lights were a spur of the moment decision with left over Nutella jars that get wasted or thrown from every outlet. The idea was to retain the element that makes this outlet WOW and FUN for a visitor, as well as unique from many such.

Every detail has been thoughtfully curated, sampled and then assembled on site. From the ceiling to the floor, every element speaks welcome to – “That waffle place”.

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