South India Papers and DCA Trading PVT Limited

Project Description

South India Papers and DCA Trading PVT Limited, a rapidly growing paper company in this high-tech world providing service focused solutions, reached out to FOAID Design Studio to provide interior design services for their new 4000 sq. feet office in Chennai.
This project saw delivery of all designs from the conceptual stages to the final execution. Ultimately, the scheme provides an amalgamation of 5 different typologies of workspaces which enhances the experience of the employees in turn boosting the overall work culture.

Location:  Kilpauk, Chennai
Client:  Mr. Ashish Agarwal
Site area:  4000 sq. ft
Design Team:  Ekta Agarwal, Mukesh Chouhan, Arun Kumar
Status:  Completed

A glimpse inside this commercial zone is an interpretation of the reception area which expresses a user’s first impression. The table had been designed to give the perception of a yacht, standing as a masterpiece stealing away the show.

The open plan helps give a partial view to the workstations that allows each employee a private unit. The six Managing Director cabins were uniquely embellished giving each an identity of its own.
From the walls to the smallest of details in the furniture, everything has been well thought of and custom-made.

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