Signature Fan Studio

Project Description

This 2,500 sq. foot commercial space was required by the clients to showcase their carefully handpicked decor pieces and collectibles from across the world. The team did just that by keeping the color palette subtle with tones of grey and provided grooves in the floor and walls to accommodate LED Strip Lighting that acted as an additional element there by highlighting the eclectic mix of designer pieces the store had to offer.

Location:  Nungambakkam, Chennai
Client:  Mr. Kunal Chowdary
Site area:  2500 sq. ft
Design Team:  Ekta Agarwal, Suny Akber, Mukesh Chouhan and Bhavika Gadiya
Year of Completion:  2016

This store has a large expansive window that frames the greenery outside. The diverse mix of designer fans are displayed against this backdrop, leading to a contrasting perspective. This remains etched in the memories of the observer which is exactly what the team had envisaged. The ceilings are kept exposed with minimal design so as to not overpower the design of the fans but in turn enhance their exhibit.

The studio’s simplicity makes flexibility a strong attribute. Flexibility allows a change in the arrangement of display items always keeping the observer engaged. The goal was met by providing steel tracks on the walls which held sets of unique clocks and other masterpieces. This aided us in keeping the floor path clear for spacious circulation, hence all walls served a dual purpose.

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