Light Matters

Project Description

Light Matters is a modern light experience store that has recently come up in Chennai. Based out of Coimbatore, the main challenge was to help create the identity of the brand through the interior and exterior of the showroom. The showroom had been designed in a manner that each light exhibit will guide the user to the other therefore allowing the user to constantly move around the exhibits or fixtures. It has a minimal style language bringing in glimpses of a few European showrooms, in order to co-relate with the specific European brands that the showroom holds. The idea was to create the feel of a high end  light gallery enhanced by transitional movement.  The team made use of metal in the form of MS and colors as the key highlight elements to break the monotony of the space. This 1900 square feet showroom has been thoughtfully curated keeping in mind the clients requirement for even the simple furniture’s and display panels.

Location:  RK Salai, Chennai
Client:  Mr. Sharan Bhathija & Mr. Rajan Bhathija
Site area: 1900 sq. ft
Design Team:  Ekta Agarwal and Parul Agarwal
Year of Completion:  2018

Starting from the entrance, the show windows are enhanced with pastel colored pivoted panels that allow the fixtures to be viewed from several angles of the road. The pastel colors are used as back drops for the lights so that the user can visualize the same in the different color contexts. The show windows are tied together by the central display wall, which consists of colored cubes jutting out of the wall that has been specifically designed for the lamp range of light fixtures. The top floor was envisioned as a more dramatic space with all the decorative pendant lights, while the basement more minimal and simple for the commercial fixtures. The rafters on the ground floor are used as a key backdrop that follow a wave patter inspired by the fixtures itself. This back drop not only acts as a feature for the showroom, also brings about the intricacy of the decorative chandeliers due to its simple nature.

Basement section consists of all high end brands like FLOS, Hybec and Iguzzini making this showroom the first to hold such a large range of display. It has been divided into the outdoor section, commercial section and the VIP section. The outdoor section has a raw look where the idea was to play with cracks and represent the rawness of an outdoor setting. There are a few windows that are used to exhibit families. A scene for the foyer which can hold a range of light families to be placed inside the house. A picture and mirror wall, that show cases the different lights that can be used for the same purpose. The staircase has also been designed in a manner to display the different kinds of stair case light fixtures. The VIP lounge has a dramatic entrance with a showcase of a variety of LED strip light ranges. The idea was that the user should be able to touch, feel and see every fixture with utmost convenience before they confirm their purchase.

When I go into a gallery and stand in front of a painting, I don’t want someone telling me what I should be seeing or thinking, I want to feel whatever I feel, see whatever I see, and figure out what I figure out.
Our concept and theory for Light Matters in a snippet. 

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