Innovation Lab

Project Description

Innovation Lab was a studio space designed for the designers of Renault Nissan. A space where they could build and innovate, while transforming their ideas to reality. The space was designed to accommodate a library, workstation area, and a workshop. The layout was an open plan concept that inhibits free thinking.
As soon as the employees walk in, they notice a fun and vibrant atmosphere allowing a casual and quirky environment that enhances and elevates the user’s “thinking outside the box” experience! The entrance is marked by an illuminated transitional wall that allows a cycle of change by the display screens that are stuck up on the wall.

Location:  Mahindra World City, Chennai
Client:  Renault RNTBCI
Site area:  3500 sq. ft
Design Team:  Ekta Agarwal, Suny Akber, Parul Agarwal and Bhavika Gadiya
Year of Completion:  2017

The color schemes used in the interiors were primary colors making the interiors more lively and fun. Primary colors in their true forms are often associated with a memory from childhood, with the aim that the designers would take inspiration from what they have learnt in the past and modernize it into products that would outshine. This would in turn help them to think outside the box and push themselves beyond their creative boundaries.

Keeping function as the primary mission, the FOAID Design Studio team custom designed each piece of furniture that seamlessly blended together in this creative lab! This project led to the first insight to Product and furniture design into the company, which then followed for several other commercial projects.

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